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Sunday, January 27, 2019

The Story of Istvan - by HistoryBites

Istvan Reiner
The Story of "Istvan"
- by HistoryBites * -
When "Istvan" Reiner was 4 years old, he was placed in the Miskolc ghetto in Hungary. It didn't matter to the Nazis that his mother, Bela Reiner, converted to Protestantism and he was never circumcised, they were deemed to be Jews. 

Eventually they were sent to Auschwitz concentration camp where his picture was taken for documentation. As soon as he arrived there, he was separated from his mother and ended up in the care of his grandmother. 

Not long after that they were sent to the gas chamber and died.

Istvan's mother and brother survived the war and migrated to the United States in 1947.
On Holocaust Remembrance Day (January 27),  we honor those lost and salute the survivors. 

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Hall of Remembrance - Holocaust Memorial, Washington D.C.
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Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Simple Life ~ by Raymond Beyda

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The Simple Life *
~ Raymond Beyda ~

[Although the land lacks nothing, the strong choose to live an ascetic life ...  they do not yield to physical temptation to live a life of luxury, rather they choose the simple life.]

In an age where abundance of wealth and prosperity has become commonplace -- we too can learn a valuable lesson from this verse. When the populace of a prosperous state indulges in excess, rather than conserve and preserve for bad times, the people become soft and incapable of maintaining economical growth.

Eventually, the palaces and monuments that they build will crumble. In America today, we see that the years of prosperity have left our population fat, overweight and lazy. Institutions that were thought to be invincible are revealing cracks in their foundations and an inability to withstand the pressure of bad financial news.

Those that heeded the warning of the Torah --"If you maintain a simple lifestyle even when times are good, you will survive the long-term cycles of inevitable ups and downs." .... -- If when times are not those of poverty – rather prosperity -- you choose to live on lehem -- i.e. bread [simply] --then you will become like rocks of iron able to withstand financial depression.

Availability does not mean necessity. Just because one has the financial ability to indulge does not make [it] necessary to do so. Even with the recent drops in the value of everyone's portfolios, the times are still laden with the finer things. Simplicity and frugality are the saving factors. One who lives by what one needs rather than by what one has [will easily endure] the winds of change.
* Excerpted from: "Not By Bread Alone" by Rabbi Raymond Beyda - http://www.torah.org/learning/tabletalk/5763/eikev.html

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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The Poetic and Soulful Songs of Kris Kristofferson! ~ by TPO

The Poetic and Soulful Songs of Kris Kristofferson! 
~ by TPO ~
1 - "Me and Bobby McGee"  

2 -"Help Me Make It Thru The Night"

Monday, January 7, 2019

Conversation of crows ... - by IGHGrampa

A conversation of crows !
Conversation of Crows ...
 The conversation of crows: They're loud, yes ... 'but they're very polite about it.'  
~ Pioneer Press - Bulletin Board *  🇺🇸
Reports IGHGrampa ...

This morning I paused in my open garage door to listen to crow conversation. They seem to have a limited vocabulary, consisting of a single word: 'Caw!' There must be some subtle nuances that escape me. It sounded like just the loudness is the only variance; maybe the number of caws in a phrase gives the meaning.

A crow just forward and to my right, about a block away, gives a number of caws. Then on my left, maybe a couple of blocks away, another crow responds with several caws. To my far right, even farther away and barely loud enough for me to hear, another crow makes a number of caws. They're all very polite about it and always seem to wait for the other guy to finish before responding.

I've always wondered about the raucous calls some birds have. Seagulls make an awful-sounding noise. The loud, raucous calls must carry farther, and maybe are heard better over other sounds, like waves on the shore or traffic noise. I suspect their hearing is much better than mine. The crow conversation group may be spread out in a circle of several miles. Maybe they're even getting crow news relayed on from distant places, like as far away as Wisconsin or Iowa.

The lake has had a coat of smooth, shiny ice for several days now. Out in the middle of the lake are a couple hundred geese and ducks. They can't get through the ice, so why are they hanging around? They can't find anything to eat when the water is frozen. And it must be cold on their feet and bellies to stay out there. Do they know something about oncoming weather that us humans don't? I suppose, if they're determined to hang around, it's safest to stay out there. A fox or coyote might break through the ice, or have trouble running on the slippery surface.
* Posted: 12/03/2012 12:01:00 AM CST