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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Will Smith's Illogical Logic - by Hénock Gugsa

Will Smith

Will Smith's Illogical Logic 
[on "Fault vs. Responsibility"]
- by Hénock Gugsa -
     Recently, thru a video, Will Smith had the following to say about  fault and responsibility:
     << I was just having a debate with a friend of mine, and we got stuck on the difference between fault and responsibility.  She kept talking about how something was "somebody's fault".   I was like it don't matter whose fault it is that something is broken, if it's your responsibility to fix it.  For example, it's not somebody's fault if their father was an abusive alcoholic, but it's for damn sure  their responsibility to figure out how they're gonna deal with those traumas and how they're gonna make a life out of it.  It's not your fault if your partner cheated and ruined your marriage; but it is for damn sure your responsibility to figure out how to take that pain and how to overcome that and build a happy life for yourself.  Fault and responsibility don't go together.   It sucks, but they don't.  When something is somebody's fault, we want them to suffer, we want them punished, we want them to pay.  We want it to be their responsibility to fix it, but that's not how it works, especially when it's your heart.  Your heart, your life, your happiness is your responsibility and your responsibility alone.  As long as we're pointing the finger and stuck on whose fault something is, we're jammed and trapped into "victim's mode".  When you're in victim mode, you'stuck in suffering.  The road to power is in taking responsibility.  Your heart, your life, your happiness is your responsibility and your responsibility alone!>>
My reaction: ===>
     I hope that dd not come from Scientology ... it surely does not sound charitable because he is not exactly talking about forgiveness or Love.  On the contrary, I only hear a tone of harshness and reverse-blaming in this message.  There is no sympathy or empathy for the "abused".  Instead that person is being berated to suck it up and move forward.  There is no specific help offered on how to deal with the bad experience.  It could at least have been suggested that the first step to healing is self-forgiveness!  Moreover, it is implied that there is no fault at all.  What if the damage were a fatal one? Telling the dead person to take responsibility would really be a silly proposition then, wouldn't it?! 
         Another point I want to raise ---  I wonder where Will Smith stands on "Black Lives Matter".  Does he consider it just a "blame-the-whites" movement ... or ... a responsive "sick-of-being-victims-organization-that-seeks-retribution"?  I suspect that he is more concerned with the individual (the self) than the group (the community).  I also do not see enough seriousness or gravitas in him to consider him a selfless, concerned citizen.  These are just my views and impressions of the person ... I could be wrong of-course.  But these are matters where you cannot separate the man from the things he says.  Strangely, Will Smith protests (takes matter into his own hand, becomes "responsible"?) when blacks are not adequately represented for movie Awards in a single year and he and his wife boycott the awards ceremony.  Big deal!
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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

A Little Comic Relief - from "wwdtm"(NPR)

A Little Comic Relief - from "wwdtm"
("wait wait don't tell me!" - NPR) 
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Friday, February 2, 2018

Oil Lawyer for C E A - by Hénock Gugsa

Oil Lawyer for Chief Environment Attorney 
- by Hénock Gugsa -
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     Someone on Facebook posted a link on the latest news of a new Justice Department  appointee titled:  "Trump Names BP Oil Spill Lawyer, and Climate Policy Foe as Top DOJ Environment Attorney".*
     The general reaction was mostly negative and indignant.  But one lone proponent had this to say:
     "Ok so .....he picks an attorney who has litigated VERY well and knows all the tricks of the trade to avoid environmental regulation and the inner workings. A lawyer who did his best job for his clients and did it WELL. Sounds like a pretty decent choice in that respect....there are always more to it....but get your blood pressure boiling...our system is MEANT to allow for those who have NOT served in government to be appointed to offices to avoid group think. Bottom line the average joe left leaning American likely is not out to make America a communist Soviet, and the right are not Nazi fascists. I challenge you to stop looking at all we have that divides us ideologically and start looking at what we share. Both sides will agree that despite our differences in ideological ways to get there truly our republic is better served in how we find common cause. Both parties came together and have throughout history. So I choose to have faith in the system and voice my resolution at the ballot box. Otherwise I'll be hanging with my five year old."

 * The appointee's name is Jeffrey Bossert Clark ... and the link is:

     My Response: 
     Obviously, in the new cabinet, there is a NEW "group-think" ... and it is well-oiled (no pun) and there is no timidity, no conscience, and not even an ounce of self-consciousness. The members and their leader can straddle issues, and support both sides against the middle no matter what or who they are. Naturally, these days, so-called "devil's advocates" thrive and muddy the waters without rein!

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