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Monday, June 21, 2010

Joe Biden Tells It Like It Is! - by TPO

Joe Biden (1942 - )

Sharp, focused, and with a sense of humor!

He speaks the truth bluntly, when need be!

Excellent work, there, Mr. Veep!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Jamaica Farewell" - Harry Belafonte

Harry Belafonte (1927 -)
"Jamaica Farewell"

Truth About Lies - by Hénock Gugsa

Truth About Lies *
Hénock Gugsa

Recently, on FaceBook, a friend was bemoaning the overabundance of dishonesty in his immediate environs. He said, "It amazes me that some people can't just be honest about things ... and just keep on lying ... really!"

Yes. Indeed ... really! Our society, as a whole with hardly any exception, is badly wired when it comes to truth or honesty. And the sad thing is that we know it, and are unable to do anything about it. We incessantly talk about the need for truth, but we are either unwilling or too lazy to learn and acquire the path (knowledge, enlightenment) to truth.

My thoughts on the subject matter are rather simple and hopefully to-the-point. I believe that we need to first know and tell the forest from the trees. Let us first identify and understand the variety of lies out there, along with their degree of severity or seriousness, i.e. score them. A lie table may help to clarify matters, and lead us to certain incontrovertible truths.

( click table to enlarge )

To me, the inevitable conclusion (solution) is that we should identify "lies" by simply demystifying and accepting the realities of a situation. A lie by any other name is still a lie! It invariably starts out harmless and insignificant, but eventually and gradually it leads to bigger and more serious issues. Thus, the truth about lies is that they spread and grow as from a small kindling fire to a massive conflagration. They need to be squelched out early and posthaste. To quote Barney Fife: "You just gotta nip [them] in the bud!"
 * “Truth About Lies” ~ © Hénock Gugsa  ( ሄኖክ  ጉግሣ ) - 06/10/2010

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Speak Up To Remain Silent?! - by TPO

Speak Up To Remain Silent?!
by TPO (Henock Gugsa)

Yesterday, June 1st, the Supreme Court of the United States almost did away with Miranda Rights by ruling that
"a suspect has a duty to speak up and say he does not want to talk." In other words, the burden of proof for guilt or innocence is being "shifted" to the suspect rather than the police. Aside from the incongruity of the logic (classic oxymoron juxtaposition) and the unfairness of the position, one must be aware of the regressive move toward tyranny and injustice here.

It seems that the law is going to be opening its ears more to circumstantial evidence and less to the human factors that may come into play. The law is now becoming literally blind and is too lazy to reach the truth by digging further and treating each case on its own merit. Let us just call it the blanket rule of an intellectually rigid judiciary system.

But, stop. Let me think. Weren't we taught that "Silence is golden." And yet, I don't recall being told that I have to announce my silence in any fashion except by just not uttering a word, not even a sound. Furthermore, what about special and "extenuating" circumstances? How, for example, do we treat the deaf and mute, or the simply terrified and traumatized? Speaking for myself, even the thought of being considered a suspect is unnerving and unsettling enough. And we all know that, anyway, every emotional reaction may be used against you during an interview by the police. So why utter a word? ... why give them more ammo against you? If you are a suspect, the police will not necessarily be looking out for your interests.

So to come back to the crux of the matter: Since when is silence a crime? Oh, yes. They did crucify an innocent lamb named Jesus of Nazareth many many years ago for being silent. They said His silence confirmed [His] guilt then also. Wouldn't that be the case even now whether or not a suspect announced his silence by speaking up?!