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Friday, June 29, 2018

Ominous Signposts ~ by TPO

Ominous Signposts 
~ by TPO ~

From Reuters on (3/9/18):
<< Trump's military parade planned for Veterans Day  ...
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A military parade requested by President Donald Trump will take place in November on Veterans Day in Washington D.C., but to minimize damage to roads it will not include tanks, a Pentagon memo released on Friday said.

The parade will cost taxpayers up to $30 million, the White House budget chief has said.  >>

Coming soon (November, 2018) to Washington D.C. ~~ Goosestep Parades

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Definitions of ICE ~ by TPO

Definitions of ICE  *
~ by TPO ~

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And this is what ICE does ...
-- A U.S. Customs and Border agent allegedly threatened to put up for adoption an immigrant’s daughter unless she agreed to give up her asylum claim and return to Guatemala, according to a senior ACLU attorney. The Daily Beast’s Michael Hardy reports: “Because Maria had committed a misdemeanor offense by crossing the border, she and her daughter were sent to a processing center where a CBP officer allegedly gave Maria a stark choice. If she gave up her asylum claim …. she and her daughter would remain together. If she applied for asylum, on the other hand, Maria would be thrown in jail for a year and her daughter would be put up for adoption. Maria would never see her daughter again. … Under Texas law, a child may only be put up for adoption if the biological parents consent to the adoption or a judge terminates their parental rights.” -- The Washington Post -The Daily 202, 6/27/18
 * Credit belongs to Merriam Webster Dictionary

Saturday, June 23, 2018

A Heart-Wrenching Image ~ by TIME

A Heart-Wrenching Image  
~ by TIME ~
TIME cover - July, 2018
TIME cover - July, 2018

... and the background story by John Moore, TIME photographer===>

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Very Worrisome ~ by TPO

Cause for Concern
~~~~ //// ~~~~ 
I have very little faith or trust or confidence in the Trump Administration.
It is criminally careless ... it is corrupt ... and it is very, very inefficient !!! 🤔

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Montgomery Clift: "I Confess"

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Casa Padre ! - by Hénock Gugsa

Casa Padre ! *
~ by Hénock Gugsa ~

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* In Ethiopia, there is a saying:
Give the ugly person a beautiful name!
መልከ  ጥፉ  በስም  ይደግፉ !!!

We're living in a time when TRUTH is ceaselessly being assaulted openly and in a big way !!! 
James Stewart - "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington"

Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Virtuous Man ~ by Hénock Gugsa

The Virtuous Man 
~ by Hénock Gugsa ~

[A folk tale from Harrar, a South-East Administrative Region of  Ethiopia]
In the old days, it is told,  there lived a man who led a life that did not stray from the correct path. He was humble, compassionate and decent beyond reproach.  Moreover, he was also devout and prayed in solitude as often as he could wherever he traveled. 
One day, this virtuous man was at a secluded place which was by a farm field that had an irrigation channel running through it.  As the man was quietly preparing to do his prayer, the streaming water brought a guava fruit and deposited it at his feet.  The man was hungry and thought that a divine force must have meant him to have the fruit.  So he picked it up and ate it.
Then he started to pray.  However, he was abruptly interrupted by a spirit which revealed itself to him and said, “You claim to be devoted to God, but why do you steal other people’s fruit?”
The holy man was so devastated by the reproach that he vowed to go find the owner of the guava farm and immediately apologize for the sinful deed.  
“I have eaten a guava which fell off one of your trees and was brought to me by the water. Please forgive me.”  He begged the owner of the guava farm as soon as he found him.
At first the guava farmer angrily refused to forgive him, and that made the holy man very sad and distraught. 
But then the guava farmer took pity, relented and said, “If you want me to forgive you, you have to do what I tell you to do.”
The repenting man readily agreed.
The farmer said, “I will forgive you only if you marry my daughter, and you should know that my daughter has no eyes and no legs.”
The holy man said, “That’s fine, it’s all right. If you forgive me, I will marry her.”
So they went to the owner’s house and the holy man asked him where his daughter was.
The owner said, “Before I present my daughter, you must go through the marriage formalities.”
So the holy man did as was demanded.
Then the girl was brought out from the adjoining room where she kept to herself. To the prospective groom’s surprise and delight, he saw that she was neither blind nor was she without legs.  She was extremely well-mannered, and a jewel of a maiden in every respect.
The man could not help but ask the farmer, “Didn’t you say she had no eyes and no legs?”
The girl’s father replied, “What I meant was that in her entire life, my daughter has never seen bad things, nor has she ever taken the morally wrong path !”
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A Happy Ending ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Skewering MRC (Media Research Center) - by Hénock Gugsa

Skewering MRC (Media Research Center) 
- by Hénock Gugsa -

This is not a calm, cool, and objective reporting by Media Research Center*, a rather curiously-named organization whose motives and backers are, to say the least, suspicious.

~ Consider, for example, the point the MRC reporter makes here about "sponsors not showing up to pick the children because [they, the sponsors] are themselves illegal".  Why would illegals sponsor the children in the first place when it could land them [the sponsors] in trouble?  To do that is tantamount to asking to be deported !!! It does not make sense.  If the children are their own kin, I'd think the smart thing to do is to ask a church or some philanthropic organization to intercede on their behalf ....

~ No, this fire-spitting reporter neglected to dig further into the details but instead concentrated on berating rather than objectively reporting.  Somebody should research MRC itself  because they sound like the "real" Fake-News to me!

~ The more and more I hear and read about the shameful and disgusting things the U.S. Government is doing regarding the children of undocumented immigrants and those at the border, the less muddled and clearer the motives become. Although it might seem far-fetched or conspiracy-theory-laden, I am inclined to now believe that the children are being held as hostages for ransom, money which will be used to build the wall. Mr. Trump and his supporters are defending themselves by claiming he is merely following rules set by the previous administration (i.e. democrats and that Kenyan guy!) Since Mexico is not going to pay for the wall, democrats must pay through the nose. That is the Government of Spite and Malice for you ! --------------------------------------------
Some responses and reactions to the video on MRC's Facebook page ...

K C L ===> In other words it's still happening( kids in cages) but don't point it out unless you clarify who was President when it happened. Don't address or correct the problem just make sure you know who was President when it was reported. Bull! You only care about defending Trump.

KCL ===> This is reporting? Can't you just speak normally without all the sarcasm??? I prefer to get facts from people who don't sound like a 13 year old girl presenting their case on why Brook cheated on Chad.
A N ===>  Heil Hitler!
SD ===>  I suppose if the MRC were a credible news source, I might listen, but their reputation doesn't appear to have much going for them. Try again.
M B N ===> Easy solution. Immediately make parents and children go 
back across the border, That way they won't be separated.
K J ===> Came out of sessions mouth. Yes, they are separating the children. Just like the nazis did. Part of the playbook. The video of him saying is all over the place. Do your research.
J M-G ===> All I ask lady is that you stay out of Canada. We don’t need your kind here. Mexicans are more than welcome to come. 
T B ===> By the way the babies crawled over the border without their parents, right? Give me break! You are the insult to people like me!
Hénock Gugsa ===>  I think people are throwing in silly and not exactly exact phrases like "catch and release" into discussions about immigration policies. When you deport undocumented immigrants, more often than not, they find their way back and are arrested again.  So are you thinking of this as the result of "catch and release" too?  I call it recidivism.  If you don't catch and deport them, what do you do then?  Cage them indefinitely, deport them but keep their children for whatever nefarious reasons?

* According to Wikipedia: "The Media Research Center is a politically conservative content analysis organization based in Reston, Virginia, founded in 1987 by L. Brent Bozell III."  It is also a non-profit organization and as such should not be taking any political sides on any issue! Non-profits should be neutral and unaligned!

TRUMPISM in a  nutshell !