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Saturday, November 21, 2015

America's Humanity at Risk! - by TPO

America's Humanity at Risk! 
- by TPO -
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Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert: Syrian Refugees & the Republicans' Panic

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Talking to God! - from Bulletin Board of St. Paul Pioneer Press

Talking to God!

St. Paul Pioneer Press, Bulletin Board
November 14,2015

Good Little Girl reports:

<< Last night I talked to God.

I asked Him what was so great about free will. Wouldn't it be easier to tell us what to do, then see that we joyfully did it? There'd be no policemen and bad guys shooting each other. There wouldn't even be any policemen or bad guys! There'd be no more wars, hunger, homelessness, abuse. No more unhappy homes or kids bringing guns to school. There wouldn't even be any guns or house keys or jails or drug and alcohol abuse.

I admitted to Him that we would probably have too many people pretty soon, but by that time we'd have developed ways to open new horizons on other planets. We'd have so much time for study that we could accomplish almost anything.

It might have been the best conversation I ever had, except that He didn't answer me. As soon as He does, I'll let you know what He says.

(Although, from my meager studies of philosophy, ethics and theology, I think I know what He'll say.)  >>

Sunday, November 15, 2015

"J'aime Paris ... j'aime la France! " - Hénock Gugsa

Hénock Gugsa
J'aime Paris ... j'aime la France!

V I V E    L A    F R A N C E   !!!!!

"La Marseillaise" -- chanteuse: Mireille Mathieu

Friday, November 13, 2015

Help Me Understand, Please! - by Hénock Gugsa

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Help me understand ... please!
Hénock Gugsa
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Why do some racists show their racism in the most stupid and cowardly way?!

-- The racists at the University of Missouri who painted (?!) black students' dorm room doors with feces ... what was the message being delivered?
a) ... that swastikas are shitty symbols?!
b) ... that the racists play with their crap, like doing finger painting and stuff?!
c) ... that the racists have never heard of toilet paper or toilets?!
d) ... that these racists are just sewer rats on a rampage?!

-- The racists who fly confederate flags, wear symbols and trinkets of the confederacy or of Nazi Germany ...
a) ... are they just saying they love a losing side no matter what?!
b) ... do they even know  that hate is like a self-inflicted wound and it can boomerang and come back at you?!
c) ... isn't there enough hot air out there without the extra heat and discomfort from racists' hate?!

*** I have more respect and fear for the intelligent racist who is subtle and uses (manipulates) society's institutions to get his way and do his evil deeds. ***

Montgomery Clift - "I Confess" (1953)

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

When I die - by Tim Torkildson

When I die 

- by Tim Torkildson * -

Subject: "New York Times headline: 'A Lonely End for South Koreans Who Cannot Afford to Live, or Die.' "

I want a real big funeral, the biggest you can buy,
With mourners paid good money just to sit around and cry.
I want my casket to appear made out of gold and gems.
The whole shebang should happen on a yacht upon the Thames.
The food and drink will be superb, and flowers will abound.
Please spend a modest fortune as you put me in the ground.
Scatter coins and candy as the hearse moves on its way.
It should be done like a parade, as on a holiday.

And when the bill comes due, I hope you'll like my little joke,
Because, you see, I'm gonna die just absolutely broke!
*[Bulletin Board, St. Paul Pioneer Press, November 11, 2015]



Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Every crab for himself! - by Jim Toomey (Sherman's Lagoon)

Every crab for himself!
by Jim Toomey
("Sherman’s Lagoon") *
November 10,2015

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* Sherman’s Lagoon is a comic strip set in an imaginary lagoon inhabited by a cast of sea creatures whose lives are curiously similar to our own.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Bengali Tiger and a Little Girl - by Dyrk Daniels

A Bengali Tiger and a Little Girl
 - by Dyrk Daniels -

A 370lb Golden Bengal Tiger bowed its head and placed a paw up to the hand of a small girl. 

Photographer Dyrk Daniels says: "I noticed this little girl was leaning against the glass with both hands out-stretched staring at the 'big kitties'. I could not believe my eyes when Taj approached the girl, bowed his head and then placed his huge right paw exactly in front of where the little girl's left hand was. It was incredible to watch. Taj let down his right paw, rubbed his cheek against the glass where the little girl's face was and moved off." Far from being scared, the little girl was so excited that she started clapping as she walked back towards her mother.