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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Quality Republicans - by Hénock Gugsa

Quality Republicans
by Hénock Gugsa

Recently, I heard someone use the term  "quality republicans", but he did not quite give a good explanation of what that meant or represented.  Presently,  I do not think that the term refers to any established or existing group.  I shall, therefore, attempt to submit my take on what the term implies or how it can materialize.  First, however, let me make an a priori apology in case some  feathers are ruffled, and sensibilities perturbed. My motive is simple: posit a point of view on what I think it will take to be a "quality republican".

As we all know, the Republican party is in a big fight not only for survival but also for future resurgence and grandeur. The Grand Ole Party needs a serious overhaul, and this should be an exciting time for the institution just for the challenges alone if not for anything else.

What needs to be done?

- Retain your core philosophy which separates you from the democrats? But, be more moderate and tolerant of opposing views. Compromise when common sense demands it.

- Don't form a passive government that serves only corporate interests.

- Put out competing ideas on how to improve health care, the environment, and education. Follow Arnold Schwarzenegger's example.

- Curb or cure neophobia, fear of the new.

- Curb or cure tropophobia, fear of change.

- Do a balanced and objective self-analysis. Are you too offensive? Are you too defensive?

- Are you flexible and open to any political eventuality (crisis)?

- Will you consider and accept the logic behind the majority/minority power allocations. The current argument, (the "fear") that a one-party domination in Congress and the White House is a bad or dangerous thing, is without merit.

The nation is fed up of gridlock and a do-nothing government. Let one party take over for a while. Let's see how they do in two years? If they fail, they will have no excuses and will be voted out by the voting public. Finger-pointing and blame game would make sense when one party is in total control of the government.

A minority party can always state on the record its opposition to the majority, alert the voting public and actively develop and promote the differing position for acceptance.  Those republicans that do all of the above are, in my humble opinion, indeed "quality republicans."

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